Bespoke and Solid Wood Desktops

Working from home for long periods has left many of us scratching our heads as to how to fit a desk in the spare room or how to make it look as though you haven't just taken one home from the office.

Our range of desktops can be made to fit your requirements. 

All we need is a sketch of what you require with dimesions and we can supply a desktop to suit. 


So whether you have limited space and need to squeeze in,  have an awkward room shape or are just looking for something different, we can supply you with a desktop to suit. 


Looking for something more homeley? Speak to us about our range of solid would desktops. Striking and designed to last our solid wood tops are a brilliant addition to any home office. 

All our our tops are compatible with Conset Desk frames. 

solid wood.JPG

Solid Wood Desktop

MFC finishes 2019.jpg

Selection of MFC Finishes


Send us your sketch